Guide To The UK 2024 Best Quality Rolex GMT-Master II Batman Fake Watches

The Rolex GMT-Master II Batman is one of the most well-loved sports Rolex replica watches for sale, not just within the Rolex catalog, but in the watch industry. The Oystersteel construction and now iconic black and blue ceramic bezel proved to be versatile and enduring – and with recent upgrades, it garnered even more appreciation within the watch community.

Let’s take a closer look at the history of the Rolex Batman, and the different editions available.

Introducing the Rolex Batman

The split-color bezel of the Rolex GMT-Master series has been its signature trait since it launched in 1954. Created to aid pilots, the GMT-Master’s bezel helps indicate a second timezone and daytime and nighttime hours through its bi-colored bezel.

The famous bezel has been crafted in Bakelite and anodized aluminum since then, and with the introduction of the Cerachrom ceramic insert in 2005, it was inevitable for the cheap UK Rolex GMT-Master II fake watches to follow. However, Rolex admitted that it would be challenging to use a single Cerachrom block for their bi-colored bezel. For the next eight years, Rolex worked on perfecting the method of using a single piece of Cerachrom with two different but crisp colors.

In 2013, Rolex was finally ready to introduce it to the public, and it came in the form of reference 116710 BLNR – now known as the Rolex Batman.

It sent the watch world abuzz. Not only was it the first ceramic bezel watch to be made in clean, two-tone colorway, it also came in a handsome black and blue combination. At the time, it was also the only bi-color GMT-Master II model available in stainless steel. The guests at Baselworld 2013 knew that Rolex had just launched a classic.

What’s in name?

High quality replica Rolex watches are famous for having nicknames, and anyone who’s into watches would certainly know what a Pepsi, Root Beer, or Kermit is. While none of these are in the official Rolex literature, they are used fondly by collectors and they certainly make it easier to discuss watches.

The “BLNR” in the Batman’s official name is a suffix for bleu / noir or blue / black in English. Rolex uses suffixes for their watches in order to help identify the watch from its name alone. These come from French words because as a Geneva-based company, it is the official language of Rolex.

It’s also these bold colors that gave it it’s “Batman” nickname. Batman, of course, is a DC Comics superhero who is famous for being vigilante by night. The Rolex Batman is also sometimes called “Bruiser” or “The Dark Knight” by some fans as a homage to the character.

Now let’s go to the different generations of AAA online copy Rolex Batman watches that have been released, and what they each offer.

First Edition: Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Batman 116710 BLNR Watches
(2013 – 2018)

The original Rolex Batman 116710BLNR is most easily distinguished by its blue-black bezel, but it has other defining elements.

It follows the modern GMT-Master II 116710 introduced in 2007, which equipped the perfect Rolex replica watches with features like the then new Caliber 3186 movement with a smoother operating hand, 50-hour power reserve, instant date and COSC certification. The watches still measure 40mm, and have 100m water resistance like previous GMT-Master II models, but it’s improved Triplock screw-down crown offers a more robust shield versus water damage and dust.

It also featured a “Maxi Dial” with larger hands and markers than the aluminum bezel editions. The Rolex Batman had the distinction of featuring a blue GMT hand, while other GMT-Master II models had a red hand.

Finally, the Rolex Batman came with a three-link Oyster bracelet with satin outer links and polished center links. The Oyster completes the sporty, ruggedly handsome look of the Batman.

The original Rolex Batman 116710BLNR had a short but remarkable five-year run, and in 2019 Rolex decided that it was time for an upgrade.

Second Edition: Fake Rolex GMT-Master II Batman 126710 BLNR Jubilee Watches
(2019 – present)

In 2018, Rolex re-introduced the Jubilee bracelet to the GMT-Master II line with the reference 126710BLRO Pepsi. It marked the first appearance of the Jubilee in the collection since the 1980s. A five-link Oystersteel Jubilee bracelet was especially designed for this generation of luxury super clone Rolex GMT-Master II watches, complete with an Oysterlock safety clasp that prevents accidental opening.

Fans suspected that the Rolex Batman might soon follow, and they were proven correct in 2019. The original ref 116710BLNR was discontinued to make way for the current edition, the ref 126710BLNR. The most obvious change is the Jubilee bracelet which gives the Batman a dressier feel.

The Rolex Batman Jubilee Bracelet edition also comes with a more svelte profile on the wrist. While the case diameter remains 40mm, the lugs were made thinner and less angled, to make way for a more fluid appearance.

Beyond these aesthetic changes, the most remarkable improvement is the new Caliber 3285 movement that powers the timepiece. Equipped with the brand’s proprietary Chronergy escapement, the Caliber 3285 conforms to the brand’s Superlative Chronometer accuracy standard of just -/+ 2 seconds per day, and offers an improved power reserve of 70 hours.

While the ref 126710BLNR was well-loved, many fans of the original Rolex Batman also voiced out their preference for the Oyster bracelet. It is said that the sporty look of the Batman is best enhanced with the robust three-link design.

Third Edition: Rolex GMT-Master II Batman 126710 BLNR Oyster Replica Watches
(2021 – present)

In 2021, Rolex silently brought back the Oyster bracelet to the current editions of the Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi and Batman. Since its hiatus in 2018, the classic three-link stainless steel bracelet was added as an option along with the Jubilee bracelet.

This also means that for the first time ever, the Rolex Batman comes with both the Oyster bracelet and the new generation Caliber 3285 beating inside. All in all, it brings together the iconic aesthetic of the original Rolex Batman with fundamental gains in terms of precision, power reserve, and resistance to shocks.

Rolex Batman vs Rolex Batgirl

When examining the Rolex GMT-Master II models colloquially known as the “Batman” and the “Batgirl,” you’ll find an intriguing comparison of two luxury timepieces that, while similar at a glance, reveal certain distinctions.

Each model is named affectionately after iconic DC characters for their distinctive black and blue bezels and their iconic GMT function with the arrow-tipped hand. Both Swiss made Rolex replica watches are protected by 904L Oystersteel and a sapphire crystal. Similar looks and similar appeal when the largest differences are around the wrist and under the hood. Don’t let the name “Batgirl” fool you, both watches are perfect for men or women.

Case Profile

The Rolex GMT-Master II series has seen various case designs over the years, each subtly tweaked to fit the brand’s evolving aesthetic and ergonomic standards. The Batman and Batgirl models, while both featuring a 40mm Oystersteel case, encapsulate these design philosophies through their execution of the case profile.

The Batman ref 116710, with its “Super Case,” is noted for its more pronounced, angular lugs and a generally more robust presence on the wrist. This design choice aligns with Rolex’s trend towards making top fake Rolex watches that, while not larger in diameter, appear more substantial due to the broader lugs and case sides.

Conversely, the Batgirl ref 126710 introduced a return to more traditional Rolex proportions, with tapered lugs that slenderize the case profile, making it appear less bulky and more in line with the classic Rolex silhouette. This change reflects a subtlety in design evolution, offering an alternative for those who prefer a sleeker aesthetic without compromising on the iconic 40mm size.

It’s important to note that the Oyster bracelet was reintroduced with the new Batman ref 126710 in 2021, so fans can enjoy both the tapered case profile with the sporty Oyster bracelet.


Rolex dials are a study in meticulous craftsmanship and design continuity. A seemingly minor but significant update between the Batman and Batgirl models is found in the text at the 6 o’clock position on the dial. Initially, best wholesale Rolex replica watches bore the “Swiss Made” mark, a testament to their quality and origin. However, with the Batgirl model, Rolex introduced a small, yet distinctive coronet symbol nestled between “Swiss” and “Made.”

This subtle addition marks a delineation in production timelines, distinguishing newer models like the Batgirl with an updated brand signature. It reflects Rolex’s attention to detail and its commitment to evolving its watches’ aesthetic, albeit subtly, to incorporate modern branding elements.

Bracelet and Clasp

A significant differentiator between the Batman and Batgirl models lies in their bracelets. The Batman was initially presented with Rolex’s Oyster bracelet, known for its durability and a sportier look that aligns with the tool-watch heritage of the GMT-Master II line.

The Batgirl marked a departure by featuring the Jubilee bracelet, which was traditionally associated with more dress-oriented models like the Datejust. This choice endowed the Batgirl with a more refined appearance, blending the robust functionality of the GMT-Master II with a touch of elegance. The Jubilee bracelet is celebrated for its comfort and sophisticated design, featuring five-piece links that offer a more flexible fit on the wrist.

Moreover, the introduction of the Batgirl model coincided with the debut of the updated Rolex clasp, which includes the Easylink comfort extension system. This system allows the wearer to quickly adjust the bracelet size by approximately 5mm, catering to comfort during varying conditions, such as temperature fluctuations that can cause the wrist to expand or contract.

Movement and Power Reserve

At the heart of the distinction between the Batman and Batgirl models is the advancement in movement technology. The Batman is powered by the Calibre 3186, a movement revered for its reliability and precision. It features a 48-hour power reserve, a hallmark of its era, providing ample autonomy for the wearer.

The Batgirl, on the other hand, showcases Rolex’s continued innovation in watchmaking with the introduction of the Calibre 3285. This newer movement not only offers an improved power reserve of up to 70 hours but also incorporates Rolex’s Chronergy escapement. The Chronergy escapement enhances the movement’s efficiency and reliability, representing Rolex’s forward-thinking approach to its mechanical prowess.

The transition from the Calibre 3186 to the 3285 underscores Rolex’s dedication to improving the functional aspects of its replica Rolex watches for men, ensuring that models like the Batgirl not only keep pace with aesthetic and ergonomic expectations but set new benchmarks in mechanical performance.

To date, Rolex has made three versions of the Rolex GMT-Master II Batman:

GMT-Master II ref 116710BLNR with Oyster Bracelet, powered by Caliber 3186

GMT-Master II ref 126710BLNR with Jubilee Bracelet, powered by Caliber 3285

GMT-Master II ref 126710BLNR with Oyster Bracelet, powered by Caliber 3186

The Rolex GMT-Master II Batman turned a decade old in 2023. While it has a relatively short history, it has definitely made its mark in the industry and reserved itself a place in every watch collector’s wish list.

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