The High Quality Rolex Explorer 36 And Explorer 40 Fake Watches UK — The Best All-Arounders From The Crown?

Woop-woop, that’s the sound of the diameter police! “An Explorer 40 was introduced during Watches and Wonders — what a crime against humanity!” The Swiss made Rolex Explorer replica watches is a classic in its 36mm form, and it has also been available in a 39mm version. The latter was discontinued a few years ago, and Rolex has brought it back with an extra millimeter on top and some other small changes. We had the opportunity to have a closer look at the new Rolex Explorer 40 and compare it to the “classic” 36mm Explorer.

The Rolex Explorer

Ever since I developed an interest in watches, the Rolex Explorer has been one that I respect a lot. It’s a no-nonsense sports Rolex, a tool or field watch that could be anyone’s daily wearer for the rest of their life. The Explorer has withstood the test of time, as many other cheap UK Rolex fake watches have done, but it’s an incredibly versatile watch too. You can wear it with a suit as well as with your most casual outfit. It will not offend anyone, but on the other hand, others may perceive it as a little bit boring. It’s simply a very neutral watch. To me, the Explorer might just be the best all-arounder in the Rolex collection.

The perfect replica Rolex Explorer watches has been around for 70 years now and has only received a few design changes over the years. The early 1950s must have been incredibly exciting for Rolex as its catalog of sports watches filled up rapidly with the Explorer, Submariner, and GMT-Master. Before I take a closer look at the new Explorer 40, let’s have a quick look at the Explorer since 1953 — a no-nonsense tool watch with proper water resistance and a 36mm case.

Rolex Explorer 6350

In 1953, Rolex introduced the Explorer ref. 6350. The typical 3-6-9 dial layout wasn’t new, though, as Rolex had some similar-looking references in the years before, such as the ref. 6098 and ref. 6298. The Rolex ref. 6350, however, was the first Swiss movements Rolex copy watches that said “Explorer” on the dial. The similar-looking 6150 (see image above) came out around the same time but had a “Precision” movement rather than a chronometer-certified one.

Both references had the same caliber A296 inside, though. According to Amsterdam Vintage Watches, a very small number of ref. 6150 models also had the word “Explorer” on the dial. However, in general, we should say that the ref. 6350 was the first real Explorer watch.

Rolex Explorer 6610

The 6350 was replaced by the 6610, which was in production from 1955 to 1959. Aside from the white-dial “Albino” version that can be found in the ref. 6610 series, the main differences between the 6610s produced in this period are in the printing on the dial. Most 1:1 replica Rolex Explorer 6610 watches used the Rolex caliber 1030, an “officially certified chronometer” movement that could also be found in early Submariners, for example.

Rolex Explorer 1016

I don’t want to make this a complete historical overview of Rolex Explorer references, but I think it is good to know that ref. 1016 was in production for a long time. The AAA China fake Rolex Explorer 1016 watches remained in the catalog from 1960 to 1989, and it was the first to have the text “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” printed on the dial. Some very early references still lacked the “Superlative” designation, an inherited trait from the previous ref. 6610.

On this website, you will find all the different variations of the Explorer 1016 from its nearly 30-year lifespan. This long-standing model used different iterations of the 1570 movement, the last of which featured hacking seconds. The ref. 1016 comes very close to the Explorer in the Rolex catalog today.

Rolex Explorer 14270

In 1989 came the Rolex Explorer 14270, which had a sapphire crystal, applied 3-6-9 numerals, and the new caliber 3000. Very small changes appeared in this 14270 reference that was in production till 2001, including the transition from tritium to Super-LumiNova and the removal of the lug holes. I especially enjoyed that latter “feature” a lot (and still do on some of my older top Rolex super clone watches) as it makes it very easy to remove the bracelet or strap.

Rolex Explorer 114270

In 2001, Rolex introduced the best replica Rolex Explorer 114270 watches, a nearly unchanged upgrade from the previous ref. 14270. What did change, however, was the movement inside and the use of solid end links (SELs) rather than folded ones. Although there was some charm to the rattling sound of the bracelet on earlier models, the SELs can be seen as a necessary upgrade. The Rolex caliber 3130 replaced the 3000 that powered the previous reference. Caliber 3130 had a balance bridge instead of a balance cock for more stability. Additionally, the newer movement used a hairspring with a Breguet overcoil.

Rolex Explorer 214270 — The 36mm version gets discontinued

In 2010, the 36mm Explorer suddenly disappeared and made way for a larger version of the watch, the Explorer 214270. It was a 39mm version of the well-known Explorer to fit the demand at the time for larger Swiss made Rolex fake watches. The first iteration was a bit awkward as it had hands that were clearly too short. The dial, however, had a matte finish, and the applied 3-6-9 numerals were solid white gold without any Super-LumiNova. The Explorer 214270 was fitted with Rolex’s caliber 3132. This movement featured all of the latest Rolex innovations, such as a Parachrom hairspring. The Explorer 214270 saw an update in 2016, receiving a new, better-fitting set of hands and lume-fulled numerals.

Rolex Explorer 124270 and 124273 — Return of the 36mm size

In 2021, the Explorer 39 was discontinued and replaced by the current Rolex Explorer 124270. This marked the return to a 36mm diameter, the classic size for this Rolex replica watches wholesale. In addition, Rolex introduced a two-tone/bicolor version of the Explorer. This was a bold move considering that, for a long time, the Explorer was regarded as a tool/field watch in its purest form. The new Explorer 36 uses Rolex’s caliber 3230, featuring the brand’s Chronergy Escapement and a 70-hour power reserve. Interestingly enough, the lug spacing of this new Explorer 36 is 19mm, whereas it used to be 20mm for both the 36mm and 39mm versions.

Until this year, I believed Rolex had concluded that 36mm was the perfect size for the Explorer. And perhaps it is indeed since that was the Explorer’s diameter for most of its life since 1953. I’ve debated many times whether I should buy the 39mm version as that’s the one that suits my wrist best. My wife has the 36mm Explorer 114270, and it somehow wears (or appears) smaller on my wrist than my 36mm Day-Date and Datejust. Its black dial (and perhaps its smooth bezel) might make the Explorer seem smaller than those other 2023 fake Rolex watches. However, I never committed to buying the Rolex Explorer 214270. Then in 2023, Rolex surprised everyone by introducing an additional Explorer to the collection. Meet the Explorer 40, reference 224270.

Rolex Explorer 224270

Now, I am not at all a fan of oversized watches, especially when they don’t serve a purpose, but I am an advocate of buying the right size for your wrist. The diameter police are everywhere, though, dictating that Rolex replica watches online shouldn’t be larger than the new “sweet spot” of XXmm (ranging anywhere from 35mm to 39mm). Quite frankly, I don’t believe in such statements. You should buy a watch that fits you properly rather than blindly conforming to certain specifications.

As you can see in the picture above, the new Explorer 40 suits my 18.5cm (7.28″) wrist perfectly. Rolex increased the size to 40mm without losing the beautiful shape of the watch. It’s still an elegant model, now made available (again) for those with larger wrists. The glossy black dial with applied 3-6-9 numerals and the Mercedes hour hand make it the typical luxury Rolex Explorer fake watches.

The perfect pair

I gave the reintroduction of the Explorer in a larger size some thought, and at first, it baffled me why Rolex came back with a 40mm watch. The Explorer 39mm was great as well and very suitable for larger wrists. Rolex could have just restarted the production of the Explorer 39; I assume all the drawings and files for the machines are still somewhere in the brand’s database. But not much later, it struck me that 36mm and 39mm are perhaps a bit too close to each other. With a 40mm diameter, Rolex can really underline the difference between these two sizes. The 40mm will work on large(r) wrists like mine but also on wrists even (much) larger. So Rolex just ensured that virtually everyone could wear an Explorer, regardless of their wrist size.

Everything is just a bit bigger

With its 21mm lug spacing and glossy black dial, the Explorer 40 is somewhat different from the Explorer 39. And compared to the Explorer 36, everything is just a tad larger. Some say that it affects the original design, which is true, of course. But it’s still unmistakably a Rolex Explorer, this time for large(r) wrists. For me, it would be a question of getting the discontinued Explorer 39 ref. 214270 or the latest Explorer 40 ref. 224270. The best quality replica Rolex Explorer 36 watches, despite being incredibly beautiful in its original size, is not for me, that much is clear.

Some thoughts on the new Rolex Explorer 40

Rolex made a smart move by adding the Explorer 40 to the collection. Reference 224270 is a good alternative for those who find the Explorer 124270 too small for their wrist. Purists can argue that the original size is 36mm, but that doesn’t mean it always looks right on one’s wrist, at least not in the perception of the wearer. If the Explorer 36 suits and fits you, you’re in luck because it also saves you €400. The retail price of the Explorer 36 is €7,250, while the Explorer 40 has a price tag of €7,650.

We discussed the price difference here because €100 per extra millimeter is a bit of a weird one. If Rolex had made no difference in the price, it would’ve perhaps raised some eyebrows because it would mean that the extra material has no value. But €400 for a little bit more 904L steel is perhaps a bit much as well. That said, if you can get one of these fake Rolex watches for men at retail, nobody will complain about the difference anyway.

As I wrote above, the Explorer 40 is a nicely sized watch for my wrist. For a tool watch, the matte dial of the Explorer 39 might be a bit more to my taste, but I am pretty sure I can live with a glossy one. At retail, I would take the Explorer 40, and if I wanted one today but it was simply not available, I would probably spend a little bit over the current retail for the discontinued Swiss replica Rolex Explorer 39 watches.

Two Cheap Rolex Daytona Replica Watches UK Wholesale Owned By Paul Newman Offered In Sotheby’s New York June Sale

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were Hollywood’s golden couple in the 1950s and ’60s, and Newman’s watches, particularly his luxury Rolex Daytona replica watches, have since become equally golden. One of the actor’s watches, the so-called “Paul Newman” Paul Newman Daytona – with a distinctive dial design named for his preference – famously sold in 2017 for $17.7-million. Now, his widow and family are selling a pair of top UK Rolex Daytona fake watches owned by the late actor in the Sotheby’s New York auction of Important Watches on June 9. One of them is what is nicknamed the “Zenith” Daytona, made at the time when Rolex was using Zenith movements. It was gifted to Newman in 1995, after participating in the 24 Hours of Daytona Race, where his team won first place in their GT-1 class. At the age of 70 years old, this made Newman the oldest man to win the race. The perfect replica Rolex watches bears the inscription “Rolex at Daytona 24 Paul Newman Rolex Motorsports Man of the Year 1995.” It is estimated to sell for $500,000-$1-million.

The second Swiss made Rolex Daytona copy watches was a gift from Paul Newman’s wife of 50 years, Joanne Woodward, who inscribed the caseback with “Drive Very Slowly, Joanne.” It is white gold – the only gold Daytona Newman owned – with a serial number that indicates it was made in 2006. It is estimated to sell for $500,000-$1-million.

Newman was known to have a particular affinity with the 1:1 replica Rolex Daytona watches – acquiring his first Daytona during the filming of ‘Winning’ (1969), which ignited a passion for auto racing that would last the rest of his life. The AAA best Rolex super clone watches are part of a series of Sotheby’s sales consisting of more than 300 items being sold by the Woodward-Newman family. They were accumulated during the couple’s 50-year marriage. “Paul Newman is a name in the world of horology that has withstood the test of time,” Leigh Safar, head of sale, Important Watches & Specialist, Americas, said in a statement. “Newman cemented his legacy with watch collectors through his influence on wholesale fake Rolex’s most sought-after watches, the Daytona.”

UK Perfect Online Fake Rolex Watches’ Certified Pre-Owned Program Is Coming To The United States

It’s official. Starting May 3, 2023, Rolex will extend its Certified Pre-Owned program to the United States.

In a surprise move late last year, the company announced official certification for its pre-owned high quality Rolex replica watches, but only in a handful of select European countries. Now, it’s finally coming stateside. At a time when cheap UK Rolex fake watches are harder to get than ever, it seems like part of a larger effort to meet the intense demand.

If Rolex itself gives a watch the thumbs-up, that’ll be good enough for just about anyone — but there are yet some points in need of clarification regarding how the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program works and how it’ll shake out in practice. Here’s what you need to know.

What We Know About Rolex CPO

Some details remain unclear, but here’s what we currently know.

How does the Rolex Certified Pre-Owned program work?

Watches that Rolex has certified will receive a guarantee card and a seal similar to the famous green seal accompanying new AAA wholesale replica Rolex watches. They’ll also come with a two-year international warrantee (new Rolexes have a five-year warrantee). The program applies to secondhand 1:1 best Rolex copy watches more than three years old.

Where can I buy a Rolex Certified Pre-Owned watch?

At the initial announcement, the program was only available at Bucherer boutiques in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark and the UK. The program is now extending to the United States at “select Tourneau/Bucherer locations, followed by Watches of Switzerland, and continuing to expand with other Official Rolex Jewelers in the future.” You can already see Certified Pre-Owned Swiss made Rolex replica watches on Bucherer’s website, but they’re not available to buy directly online.

How will Rolex price its pre-owned watches?

It’s already a remarkable and awkward situation to see the retail price for a watch on an empty case — alongside a pre-owned model of the same China Rolex super clone watches priced for more. Pricing a pre-owned watch is tricky and involves a number of variables. Initial pricing on the Bucherer website appears to follow the market, but the brand now has a lever of greater influence in it. According to Hodinkee, pricing decisions about pre-owned top replica Rolex watches are left up to the individual dealers participating in the program, without influence from Rolex headquarters.

Why is Rolex doing this now?

“To bring added value to the existing supply of pre-owned Rolex watches” is the brand’s characteristically opaque and diplomatic statement. Naturally, Rolex isn’t overtly calling attention to the rampant secondhand market that’s been rather out of control in recent years — and if Swiss movements fake Rolex watches likes one thing, it’s control. This move seems like a way to combat prices and insert Rolex’s voice directly back into the conversation.

It also gives the brand a chance to benefit further from the demand it’s apparently unable to meet with supply of new 2023 Rolex replica watches. According to the brand, it allows it to “showcase the uncompromising quality and durability our watches are known for.”

What We Don’t Know Yet

There are yet many unanswered, burning questions many enthusiasts have that aren’t addressed in Rolex’s press release.

What is the actual certification process?

Are watches sent to Rolex or inspected on site? Can you walk into a dealer and sell or trade in your Rolex right then and there? Will certified Rolex fake watches shop also be serviced? We’ve got to assume that the brand has thought these issues through carefully, but it remains to be seen how the program will be put into practice. Rolex also loves rules: there’ll surely be a range of circumstances that disqualify a watch from certification, but Rolex has yet to clarify much on these details.

How will vintage watches be treated?

Vintage Rolex collecting is very much a world of its own. And if Rolex is handling all watches older than three years, that includes vintage, so will they be treated the same as modern buy replica Rolex watches?

Standard Rolex servicing typically includes the likes of replaced parts and polishing, but collectors want that precious patina — they want their wholesale fake Rolex watches sharp, original and correct! Sometimes even if, say, a watch’s hands or dial are authentically Rolex, collectors seek original (as opposed to replacements, even if they’re from the company itself)

Rolex has stated (in an interview with Hodinkee, linked above) that “old-generation” parts which are “damaged” (that’s often another word for patina!) “new-generation” parts are offered to the customer (included in the service quote) in “a consent scenario.” Rolex acknowledges that this is a special situations and refers to it as a “vintage service.”

What effect will it have on the existing pre-owned Rolex market?

Paul Altieri owns Bob’s Watches, one of the biggest pre-owned Rolex sellers online, with its own well established authenticity certification program. He feels that he’s still able to offer value by selling online.

“I’m still going to bet on the internet, when it’s all said and done,” he told Gear Patrol. It’s safe to presume that Rolex replica watches for sale won’t be taking sales online anytime soon.

Some speculate that existing pre-owned dealers will need to lower prices in order to compete — and that could consequently bring the Rolex price bubble back down to earth and under control a bit.